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About WEDI

Mission Statement
The Wisconsin Economic Development Institute, Inc. (WEDI) is a not-for-profit*, non-partisan foundation formed to conduct research and education designed to increase the effectiveness of economic development efforts.

Our vision: A higher quality of life through successful economic development.

WEDI will provide the public, decision makers and organizations with critical information to enable them to better address and improve economic conditions.

WEDI will provide policy research material, informational publications, and educational services and training that impact economic development.

WEDI will identify, confront and provide resources to deal with economic growth gaps.

WEDI will become a clearinghouse and cataloger of economic growth and development information.

WEDI supports thoughtful and effective long-term economic growth policy-making resulting in improved economic conditions.

WEDI supports continued economic growth.

To maintain its independence and objectivity, WEDI does not endorse candidates, ballot measures or specific legislation.

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* WEDI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, educational organization to which contributions are tax-deductible

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